How to create account ?

First you have to create an account by clicking Free registration.

Fill the form and create a user name and password. You should have a Quizatm account to play Quiz.

How I will get my cash prize ?

You need a bank account to get cash prize. After winning Quiz you have to fill your bank details. Then you will receive your money. We make Tax deductions on winner's cash prize.

Types of Quiz

Quizatm offering different types of quiz levels. Each Quiz type has it's own rule. Before playing Quiz please read the rules carefully.

How to play Quiz ?

Each Question has 4 choices. You have to choose right answer before the time runs out. If you dont choose any answer in the time it will go to next Question.

What kind of Questions ?

General Gk Questons in all fields like sports, history, science, Inventions, politics and geography etc. You will face very easy questions, Easy Questions, Ordinary Questions and Hard Questions.


The supreme court of India in 1957 stated that prize competitions which involve substantial skill are business activities that are protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India. The competitions where success depends on skill is not gambling.


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